You Say

A fan !

I am just having a browse around your photography and wondering WHY you are not at the centre of the photography world in some way.... My daughter has just become interested in photography so i have been to a few exhibitions with her, photography gallery London last week, but nothing has stood out to me as being interesting. Unlike your photography which has always been very good but now it is supported by your academic and emotional journey it is even more standout than ever.
This is meant as 'fan mail' in the hope that if you are feeling at a distance from photography at the moment getting an occasional message that is sent with complete conviction that you just need to be in the right place at the right time because you have the talent then you will have amazing success. Why are you not selling these images online????
Or have i just missed the link? Why have you not done a photography exhibition of [ name withehld] you could make that sooo fantastic and cultural insight and that weekend there will be so many arty people around. As i say just need to be right place right time. Hope that you well.

June xx