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Student Feedback

Usually in order to learn effectively I need to ask the "stupid" questions. Otherwise, they hang around in the back of my mind interfering with my confidence and interrupting understanding. Andrew Greaves promoted an inclusive learning environment which genuinely welcomed students comments, questions and observations. This left me feeling comfortable enough to ask anything I needed to, including the "stupid" questions. The skill required to establish this type of open learning environment is often underestimated.
I have finished this course with a much better understanding of the technical aspects of photography which I can now consolidate through practise. However, the most valuable outcome of this course for me is my shift in perspective. At the beginning of the course the technical aspects of using a camera was my main concern. As a direct result of this course and Andy's input I am now going to enjoy making images. Any sort of technicalities are only ever going to be the means. After this course, the pleasure, enjoyment and satisfaction of making images will always be the most important aspect of photography in the future. Thank you Andy !