My Book Breugel Town

A few words from fellow photographer John Hodgett about my book Breugel Town available on Blurb

In my view the book works very well and images have a great collective narrative. Thanks again ... J

Spent some more time going through your book again Andy, this time looking more carefully at how you have used tone, colour, composition and content to pair the images. I particularly like the woman with white hair and dark blues clothing standing on the pale block paving, juxtaposed against the guy with black hair and light clothing against a mostly dark background - virtually a positive and negative? Then I see the bright point of sale pictures in the shop window behind the woman, and the figures in the dim bar behind the man, plus your reflection? As well as being approx in the same place and size in the both pix, the fact the subjects are both leaning to the left on the respective pages is the final icing on the cake for me. It's a great book, and made me smile a lot!