An email


I recently met with Paul Hill who pointed me towards your work. I am currently creating a body of work based around the idea of photographing photographers as they shoot.

Your work is some of my
favourite that I have found and I was just wondering if you would be okay with us engaging in an email conversation regarding the photos?
For example what is the background behind the work and what did you aim to get from the work personally and to give to an audience?

Thank you
and I look forward to your response.

My Response:


Good of Paul to point you in my direction and thank you for your kind words re my images.

I'm happy to engage in a dialogue re any of my images via email or otherwise. If you don't mind I'd perhaps like to put the conversation on my blog as a kind of interview ?

These are my initial thoughts in no particular order which I'm just going to throw down on here.

To be honest I've not really given 'Bloody Photographers' much choice. On a very superficial level I guess I was looking to create a simple body of work unburdened by any deep contextual theory. A break from what was required of me at University. However your email has required of me that I think a bit more about it.

Firstly I've always done a lot of street photography. In recent years this has become problematic. I've been accused of being both a terrorist, a paedophile or even both at the same time. I've been attacked verbally and physically. The public it seems have become very suspicious of photographers especially the middle aged men variety. The act of taking photographs in public therefore seems to me to be under threat as well as somewhat a risky venture.

I'm interested in the physical act of taking photographs, I'm interested in why people take photographs and for what reasons. Susan Sontag's 'On Photography' if I remember is interesting in discussing this theory. Something like the need people have to document and evidence their experiences as well as a deeply psychological guilt at having leisure time rather than working. I'm interested in why I myself do this as well as others and therefore this body of work is perhaps a mirror to myself. By documenting them I'm documenting myself. Does this make sense ? Solipsism is the philosophy which states that the only thing I can be sure of is that I exist, or something like that ?

More recently I'm currently working as a guide in a stately home, one of the country's finest. I spend a lot of time standing around and watching visitors taking photographs, the same shots in the same way. This is beginning to inform this particular body of work and ideas for progression.

I think then this is the background behind the work. What I want personally therefore is to create a body of work which I can be pleased with on all levels. I'm not really interested ( nor particularly care ) in giving anything to an audience. In fact it surprises me that I've actually got one despite that I've got a website.

Hope this helps Harry


Andy Greaves.