Photography as a Marriage !

The first Format Photoforum at Quad Derby on 23rd October 2012 went reasonably well. Especially for me since Dr Paul Hill in his talk included and discussed a body of my work, current title 'The Naked Ape'. I was in good company with the work of Maria Falconer, Nick Lockett and of course Paul's own.

During the question and answer session I made the point that while some photographers have a passion with which they use photography to document and record, my passion is photography itself to which Paul pulled out this quote which he'd found while rummaging through his archive a few days previously. It seems to fit.

"For most fine artists their relationship with photography is akin to an affair - for photographers it is a marriage,

Promiscuity as opposed to monogamy,

Fleeting liaisons are exciting and dangerous but can be superficial.

Long term companionships have many diffrent phases and momentous events that are profoundly
affirmative and positively educational.

Photography is not for 125th of a second - it is forever (but not like a pet!"

Paul Hill - May 2002